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Is North Korea really behind Sony hack?

Is North Korea really behind Sony hack? After a massive hack, Sony Pictures decided to cancel the film “The Interview,” which depicts the assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Could the cyber-attack have been carried out by North Korea? “The Interview” never had a chance in the busy holiday movie season. Following the release of internal emails, personal health and financial information, and even the leaking of a draft script for the upcoming James Bond film “Spectre,” a group calling itself “Guardians of Peace” threatened September 11-style attacks on moviegoers if they went to see the Seth Rogen […]

I Had A Scary Encounter With North Korea’s Crumbling Healthcare System

I saw North Korea’s notorious healthcare system first-hand when I got sick on a recent trip to the rogue state. Although they took good care of me, I’m glad that I was a Westerner and that I was not sicker. Once well-respected, North Korea’s health infrastructure is “crumbling” and “in dire need of help,” according to Amnesty International. The country spent less on healthcare per capita than any other country in 2009  — under US$1 — according to the World Health Organization. Meanwhile, pervasive malnutrition has led to a tuberculosis epidemic, while infant mortality rates are far higher than neighboring South Korea, among other health […]

Here’s How To Visit North Korea, The Most Secretive Place In The World

Here’s How To Visit North Korea, The Most Secretive Place In The World Jacky Chen/Reuters So you want to go to North Korea? If the nuclear tests, human rights violations, arbitrary detentions of tourists, and bellicose rhetoric from the government threatening to transform places such as Seoul and even Austin, Texas into a “sea of fire” aren’t enough to deter you from visiting the “Hermit Kingdom,” then perhaps nothing will. OK, then. This is how to get into the most secretive country in the world. 1. Find a tour operator The only way for the vast majority of people to […]